Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment

Breasts are composed of lobes and ducts. The lobes are further divided into lobules that are connected to ducts. There are many lymph nodes accumulated in the breast tissues. During the formation of tumor the nearby lymph nodes are affected by the cancerous cells. In surgical removal of cancer, nearby lymph nodes are also removed, in order to make sure that the cancer has been eliminated permanently. However, the treatment of breast cancer is dependent upon the intensity of the disease and the type of cancer.

Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

To plan a proper breast cancer treatment, it is necessary to identify the stage of cancer. The diagnosis of breast cancer is carried out by a proper process known as staging. During staging, it is also observed that either the cancerous cells are affecting the nearby cells or organs or they are restricted or localized to some cells and tissues.

Manifestation of Metastasis

Cancerous cells affect the other organs by three ways. They may carry through the lymph nodes, blood and by the tissues during cell division. In case of breast cancer, all three means can cause metastasis but most importantly lymph nodes increase the chances of metastasis. To eliminate breast cancer, its stage and structural composition of affected area must be known. If the cancerous cells are formed near the lymph nodes, the treatment strategy would entirely be different from the cancer formation in ducts of lobes.

General Types of Treatments

To treat cancer generally some treatment are applied. These treatments are helpful in treating all types of cancer including breast cancer society. These treatments include surgical treatments, radiation therapies, chemo therapies, hormone therapies and targeted cell treatment. These treatments and therapies are fruitful in treating all types of cancer. But as the rate of breast cancer is increasing day by day, there is a need of more research in this field.

Breast Cancer Walks Fundraising Scam

Some people know and some don’t. If you fall in the latter category then you will be enlightened shortly. Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer in the whole wide world. Surprised yet? Yes it is that common. Breast cancer is an ugly disease that you do not want to have on any cost. Victims of breast cancer couldn’t even detect it at early stages and are suffering now. You are lucky that you are being told about this silent killer. To spread awareness about breast cancer many non-profit non-governmental organizations are busy. But beware because a large proportion of these organizations are actually fraud.

They get people to donate to their charity and after getting the money they vanish. So before making any donation to a charity which has conducted any fund raising walk and other such stunts you must find out the truth about that particular organization. Finding out the truth means detecting any irregularities or detecting a potential scammer. And this is not very hard to do.

All you need to do is to find out about the transparency of the charity and also about the annual financial reports. Reviews by a third party auditing firm can be a valid proof of legitimacy of a particular fund raising charity. Surf the website of the charity and check out the format of the website and the information and credentials of the organization. Track record can tell you a lot about the character of a charity. It is actually very sad that there are actually fake charities operating around the world to make their owners rich overnight. That is the only goal of these charities.

The donations they get are spent on the advertisement of the charity and other steps just to promote a personal selfish goal. Passion to help people in altruistic people is something that is admired by many different individuals. After being inspired by these wonderful people many different individuals decide to promote a noble cause. It is absolutely mandatory that these new individuals are kept safe from frauds so that they don’t lose their good will and the desire to help. Such individuals are always considered an asset to a society. It is only by virtues of these people’s goodness that millions of people around the world get the treatment for breast cancer which otherwise would be impossible for them.

The Breast Cancer Society is a very unique organization. They are far from being called as frauds. The presence of such wonderful organization is actually very heartening. From arranging pink parties to decorating the aisles of big supermarkets the Breast Cancer Society is playing its part in spreading the light. Not only are they spreading awareness they are actually helping financially disadvantaged patients of the breast cancer to fight the disease. About 240000 breast cancer victims are diagnosed every year. The efforts of the breast cancer society must be appreciated and supported.  Such a humanitarian organization is very hard to find in this new world. Making money by exploiting people’s good will and trust is not the main goal of the Breast Cancer Society unlike many other get rich quick schemes labeled as charities.

Breast Cancer Donation Scam

There are more than 240000 new breast cancer patients diagnosed every year. Understanding breast cancer charities is absolutely imperative. Non-governmental organizations can play a principal role in spreading awareness about breast cancer and also about the treatment and precautionary measures. With such staggering statistics many individuals and organizations are interested in helping the cause by donating their money and resources. In the present world it is absolutely vital for you to be smart when donating for a cause and when choosing an organization that you want to support. It is highly likely that finding an earnest cause to get behind is very important to you if you are zealous about helping individuals carrying breast cancer.

There are a whole lot of things that you need to consider before donating your money. Ensure that your money is not being robbed by a fly by night operation or by any other scam, operated by people who are not officially conglomerated with the organization you intend to upkeep. There are online ways to donate to a legitimate non-governmental organization. Not only is it safe to donate directly to the organization it is actually more effective as your dollar gets maximized due to elimination of fundraising costs.

A non-profit organization built solely on the basis of humanitarian reasons is transparent. Internal Revenue Service must get an annual form 990’s by non-profits. Well reputed organizations will not have a single problem to provide you with this information.  A legitimate organization will often put their latest 990 filing on their website so that it is visible to the public and potential donors. Some organizations often prepare annual reports in reader friendly format for the satisfaction of their customers. While this is not a requirement proposed by any of the regulatory bodies it is helpful in maintaining peoples trust in the company.

A non-profit organization should have had annual reviews by the industry experts. Before making any donations always ask the charity about any reviews that are done by an independent auditing firm. Majority of the charities for the sake of remaining acquiescent allow third party individuals to review them. These independent reviews boost the confidence of the donor and make the donor more comfortable about the non-profit organization they are so generously giving to. And these reviews also reinforce the belief of the donor that the charity is not a scam.

The Breast Cancer Society is an organization that comes up to all the standards and its legitimacy has been approved many times. Your donations for the breast cancer society are spent solely on curing and controlling breast cancer. Not only are these guys spreading knowledge and education about this prevalent disease, they are also providing financial support to the infected individuals who cannot afford the treatment. The Breast Cancer Society is really doing a wonderful job and is playing its part in making this world healthier. Donors of the breast cancer society are very content with their donations and they have never stopped donating. The Breast Cancer Society enlightens you with rudimentary knowledge that is enough for you to feel the symptoms of breast cancer and diagnose it at a stage when the treatment is possible as well as effective. Hats off to the great services the breast cancer society is providing.

How to Avoid Giving to an American Cancer Society Scam

Americans are very giving people by nature. We want to help people in pain, people in need, hungry children, and so much more. When we’re called upon to give for the  sake of curing cancer, an illness that touches and takes the lives of so many millions of Americans each year, we want to step up to the plate and give. We want to help find a cure. Most of us know that our help will never make a significant difference in countless medical facilities around the world, but we can open our wallets, just as we have opened our hearts, in an effort to help find a cure.

Then we turn on the news and see headlines about an American Cancer Society scam being discovered, uncovered, and dismantled followed by tearful stories of people who were victimized for opening their hearts and wallets to would-be swindlers. These stories touch our hearts just as much as the others and have us putting our wallets back into our pockets and handbags as though nothing has happened.

No one wins in this scenario. You can give in a manner that allows you the privilege of giving responsibly while also minimizing your risks of being scammed or swindled. If you’re like most Americans, the term give until it hurts is appropriate. Most families in the U.S. do not have a lot of additional money floating around. Money that’s given to charitable organizations is a sacrifice — one that almost any American would make willingly in order to stamp out cancer once and for all.

That means you can’t really afford to invest in anything less than the right charities and organizations — the ones that are going to do the most good with the money you invest. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive with your giving and take steps like these to ensure your money is going where you intend it to.

Choose Charitable Recipients Wisely

The American Cancer Society has an excellent reputation. However, not every group claiming to represent The Breast Cancer Society actually does. Even worse are those claiming loose affiliations with this widely recognized and respected organization. Don’t simply take their word for it.

Get documentation, literature, and other facts about the organization. Do your own research to see if the materials they provide you with match what you find on the Internet in regards to the organization. Talk with people who have been helped by the organization. They are often the greatest testimonials to the good deeds the group does with donated dollars by far.

Donate Dollars Directly to the Organization

Most scam groups operate almost exclusively on the Internet. That isn’t to say there aren’t door-to-door collectors who are fronts for scamp organizations. You should never give to people collecting donations in that manner either. The other benefit of making donations directly to the organization of your choice, such as The Breast Cancer Society, is that you’re saving them the added expenses of active fundraising.

Expect Transparency

There are countless government oversights and restrictions governing charitable institutions. One of which is the requirement that the organization file a Form 990 each year with the IRS. Many organizations offer this document on their websites for all to see. Some even print out annual reports for high dollar donors to see all the good works their dollars have funded though anyone can gain access to this document and some groups post this on their websites as well.

Honest charitable organizations, after all, want the general public to see what they’re doing so that the donation money continues flowing in and the people they can help know where to turn to get that help whether it’s medical laboratories seeking cures that need funding or hospice and recovery facilities in need of supplies.

The bottom line is that your donations, no matter how big or small, matter to these charitable groups and organizations. The act of donating itself matters to you as someone who loves, has loved, or will someday love someone who has cancer. Taking the steps to avoid an American Cancer Society scam makes sure your donations get where you want them and prevent you from skipping out on these vital donations altogether.

Myths & Reality about Breast Cancer

Getting frightened with false concepts is not good gesture. Breast cancer is a common cancer among women. People intentionally or unintentionally start believing the myths but in reality there is no such thing. Instead of advancement in science and technology many people associate their disease with illogical facts. Similarly, a lot many myths are also being associated with breast cancer. Some of them are recorded in this compilation for the sake of conveying true information towards public.

Wearing black or tight bra

Illogically it is assumed that wearing tight or black coloured bra is the main cause of developing breast cancer. But it is fake assumption not reality. People claim that the tight bra compressed the lymph nodes of breast hence they start producing toxic chemicals that helps in cancer development.

Only women with a breast cancer family history is victim

Many people think that family history is behind development of breast cancer in women. But it is highly unscientific approach.

Every lump of breast is malignant

It is highly unrealistic thought that each lump on breast or arm pit is cancerous. More than 80% of the women have benign lumps in their breasts due to some infection but they are normal and curable with simple treatment or medication.

Breast Cancer is contagious

Breast cancer is not viral disease so that the myth which says that it is contagious is false. Breast cancer cannot be transmitted from one person to other.

Using deodorants is cause of cancer

It is not proved yet that breast can be developed if you use excessive deodorants under armpits. Therefore it is also self assumption for the time being.

Small breasted lady are not at high risk of developing cancer

There is no such connection exists between breast size and cancer risk. Regardless of breast size the women above 45 should go for periodic screening.

Negative mammogram means you would not develop cancer ever

It does not mean that once your mammogram shows negative result you would never prone to breast cancer. Sometimes mammograms cannot detect first stage cancer albeit there are malignant cells.

Breast cancer is death

If at earlier stages breast cancer is caught then chances of recovery are much higher and it is proved and evident fact. Breast cancers society are curable. Hence various myths are often associated with breast cancer and many people do rely on such myths. By chance if a woman develops breast cancer with having belief on such fake things starts relying more strongly on these baseless facts.

Awareness and education is very important for guiding women in right direction not to rely upon myths but facts. No doubt the cause of developing breast cancer in each woman is always undiscovered and unrevealed but associating the disease with baseless facts should highly be discouraged.

Breast Cancer Society in Arizona

Breast Cancer Society in Arizona – the United States

The Breast Cancer Society is an excellent charity organization that is providing the service of breast cancer awareness to its people in the United States of America. It is an active member in providing the health assistance and aid to the people in need. The goal of this organization is to provide maximum support and help to the people in need, and is one of the few noticeable charities in the US that are doing excellent work for breast cancer awareness and treatment help.

Programs & Objectives

Breast cancer is increasing worldwide to an alarming ratio and is counted as the second highest cancer type after the lung cancer. Therefore effective measures need to be taken for the purpose of treating and saving the cancer patients. The Breast Cancer Society also runs various awareness campaigns for the purpose of propagating the cancer issue and its remedies also. The walk campaign, hoardings, publications, etc. are used for this purpose. Meetings and public gatherings are conducted for telling the people more about the disease. The awareness is also provided for the breakage of various myths regarding the breast cancer occurrence and its treatment. The various myths exist about the presence, occurrence and symptoms of breast cancer which need to be shaken and finished for the proper awareness to the general public.

Financial Assistance

Unfortunately there are not many breast cancer charitable organizations in the US. So it makes the role of Breast Cancer Society that much important as the growing demand of funds and support needs to be met. For this purpose, the volunteers are also recruited and trained by Breast Cancer Society so that these can be used for the purpose of support provision to the various areas in US. Moreover, these individuals recruited as volunteers can also get donations for the charitable institution and are a good tool for spreading the message of Breast Cancer Society through various mediums. One of the medium adopted by Breast Cancer Society and its volunteers is the social media that can very quickly spread the message to hundreds of thousands of people. Moreover, the media and news also give coverage to the campaigns held by Breast Cancer Society as it is highly useful in propagating the message to wider audience, all across the country and world.


The Breast Cancer Society is also an organization that accepts donations from affluent people and also from those who care about the patients and their difficulties in terms of finances. The Breast Cancer Society provides support to the patients and gives them free medication help from the funding it receives in terms of donation. The funds are allocated to the patients for education purposes also, as the children of affected patients are also provided with the scholarships so that education is provided.

Moreover, Breast Cancer Society is also responsible for providing personal support to these patients as the staff goes to provide them facility of housekeeping, bathing, etc. so that their agonies can be reduced to the minimum. In this regard, the problems of breast cancer patients are reduced and they are beefed-up for the health challenges.

Breast Cancer Society

The Breast Cancer Society in Arizona United States

Breast Cancer Society is active from many years to cater the problems of those who are diagnosed with breast cancer. TBCS own America and want to make country free of breast cancer threats as much as possible. TBCS is committed to support the needy breast cancer patients as well as reducing the risks of developing chances of breast cancer with giving awareness to the common people. TBCS raise funds to encourage the new researches which further helps in this combat. The entire article is based on mission, working and support of the breast cancer society situated in Arizona United state.

Mission of TBCS

Situated in Mesa, Arizona the Breast Cancer Society is reputable charity of America which is committed to provide help, support and assistance to the breast cancer fighting women. TBCS supports the victims by new research, education and funding. For complete cure one has to be aware about the breast cancer and its treatments. Meeting challenges of the breast cancer is not an easy task. Many patients of breast cancer cannot afford the expenditure on their surgery, chemo or radiation necessary for treating it successfully. For such people TBCS plays vital role and supports them for paying entire expenditure on their treatment from mammogram till becoming the survivor of breast cancer.

Encouraging research and education regarding breast cancer

TBCS focuses on enhancing the regular research and education because it knows that patients diagnosed with breast cancer cannot wait for future researches for their eventual cure. They need in time and appropriate treatment. The fund raising programs are aimed at this very mission for assisting women of America for making their lives happy and healthier by facing challenges of breast cancer successfully. Awareness programs, donations, and public involvement are significant features of TBCS for supporting USA’s women.

TBCS remarkable services

Along with direct financial support, TBCS is also active in tackling the challenges of breast cancer. The education, new research and in home care services are other supports given to the patients by TBCS. The Breast Cancer Society is running other assistance programs not only in state but outside it in many developing countries. These programs are running with the support of TBCS partners who help this vary charity in provision of the basic services for impoverished women of un-developed world suffering from breast cancer.

The breast cancer Society is the grass root charity for assisting the people diagnosed with breast cancer. The effects of breast cancer are devastating but proper on time treatment and cure helps to reduce its threats. TBCS is running many programs to spread awareness in public using many tools of research and education. Currently, TBCS is financially supporting hundreds of breast cancer survivors. For continuity of this support it also seeks your participation and involvement either physical or financial in order to make America healthy and prosperous.